Ergonomics & Design

Active sitting means alternating the position and way of sitting. When the bodys position on the chair changes constantly, the strain on the spinal column and the muscles supporting the waist is considerably reduced.
Thanks to their different mechanisms, SATO chairs follow the rules of ergonomics that ensure the most comfortable sitting.
1.Use of advanced mechanisms that allow the continuous, active change of the body posture, thus reducing the strain on the spinal column to the minimum
2.Proper support of the waist and pelvis, maintaining the spinal columns S shape
3.Since surfaces are shaped in such a way as to "embrace" the body, the chair can be adapted to suit the users needs, through the appropriate adjustments 
State-of-the-art technology that satisfies every ergonomic requirement for a proper sitting position.
It is a chair mechanism developed in such a way as to ensure the proper movement of the spinal column, as was designed by nature.
This mechanism is based on the natural free alternation between lordosis - stretching and cyphosis - retraction, movements which are necessary for the exercise of the waist and the spinal column. Thanks to the Glide-Tec mechanism, the most advanced types of working chairs allow your body to maintain its natural suppleness and movement. Glide-Tec mechanism is used in the Galileo, Leo, Tiger and Cougar chair series. 
Modern and increasingly advancing technology that meets the ergonomic requirements of active sitting.
It allows the synchronized movement of the chairs seat and backrest, offering an active sitting. The waist/back are completely supported in every inclination of the chair, thus maintaining comfort and freedom of movement. The Synchro mechanism is available at the following chair series: Satoline M1, Evolution, Wave and Furture Delta.
The technology that incorporates the basic ergonomic requirements for a healthy sitting position.The inclination of the backrest helps the body change position, while supporting both the waist and pelvis. The PC mechanism is available at the following chair series: Satoline M1, Basis, Evolution and Joker.