SATO operates in a global market, offering complete solutions in the market for office furniture (Desks, Bookcases / Cabinets, Chairs, Partitions, Chairs auditoriums). Based in Greece (SATO S.A.) operate in the Balkans through local dealers.
When the option is available, SATO has the ability to make a withdrawal of your old office equipment, combined with ordering of new custom furniture.
The company that withdraws its furniture has many advantages such as:
- Doesn't add extra cost for dismantling, transporting and assembling to the old and current office furniture
- Transportation and labor cost for removing the old equipment is handled by our company.
- Usually after a relocation the dimensions of the old equipment do not match  to the new facilities and so the new workspace is losing its functionality.
- The old equipment that has already amortized provides additional economic benefit to your company.

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