Sato Quality

A much-discussed word for which experts have formulated different definitions that all lead to one conclusion: Do it right from the beginning with the lowest cost.SATO is one of the pioneer Greek companies, since for the last thirty years it implements documented organizational procedures with regard to production and quality control, in accordance with European and international standards.
After a long period of continued implementation, first in the production process and then in all stages of marketing, distribution and after sales services, SATO proceeded to the certification of these procedures by an external accredited body and in 1997 obtained  among the first Greek companies  the ISO 9001 international certificate.In July 2003, the company upgraded its quality system in accordance with the revised standard ISO 9001:2000.
With regard to environmental issues, SATO was already in 1999 the first Greek industry to implement the procedures of an organized Environmental Management System in accordance with the European Regulation EMAS, while in September 2003 the company obtained the ISO 14001 certificate, thanks to which its environmental performance is recognized not only on a European but also on an international scale.
At the same time, SATO implements an integrated system for compliance with health and safety rules; as a result, accidents at work are significantly reduced, since no accident has been reported in the past 4 years.
One of SATOs future goals is its certification in accordance with the OHSAS 18001 health and safety system. All these are high priorities and commitments of the company, the human factor always being its main concern, and lead it steadily towards the Total Quality. Our environmental policy is available to all interested parties, who may contact the factory in Thessaloniki tel 2310 499700
Ελληνικά ISO 14001
English ISO 14001
Ελληνικά ISO 9001
English ISO 9001